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University of Kentucky ProtoGENI Aggregate

Aggregate Overview

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Aggregate Manager Common Name uky-pg
Aggregate Resources The University of Kentucky ProtoGENI testbed consists of 50 PCs that can be loaded with an experimenter-specified OS image, connected to each other in arbitrary topologies, and linked to the GENI network core.
Typical Experiments The University of Kentucky ProtoGENI testbed is suited for experiments that require a controllable, predictable, and repeatable network environment. Experimenters can reserve entire PCs or request a virtual machines on PCs, on which they have full root access. They can run an operating system (or multiple OSes) of their choice, and connect these systems in arbitrary topologies. This testbed has extensive instrumentation capabilities.
Aggregate Web Page has more information about this testbed.
Aggregate Status (see top right of page for statistics on active experiments and resource availability)
Layer 2 Connectivity Internet2

Experimenter Support

Guides and Documents Tutorials, FAQs and other documentation:
Support Testbed Operations
Compatible Tools ProtoGENI Tools, Instrumentation Tools

Using this Aggregate

Clearinghouses Recognized ProtoGENI Clearinghouse
Usage Policies A GENI Recommended Use Policy is available. Site should also add links here to their own usage policies.
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Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator University of Kentucky Laboratory for Advanced Networking
Resource Owner University of Kentucky Laboratory for Advanced Networking
Operation POC Testbed Operations
Technical POC Prof. James Griffioen
Developer Links Source code:
Developer mailing list:

GENI Network Stitching

VLANs Range Link ID URN Destination Network

OpenFlow over GENI Network Stitching

This rack supports running hardware OpenFlow experiments over stitched GENI network connections. Please be advised that the following restrictions apply:

  • Network stitching on the InstaGENI rack allocates and enforces link bandwidth, which cannot be modified by OpenFlow.
  • VLANs allocated to stitched connections on the rack cannot be modified, because InstaGENI rack switches operate in hybrid mode, preventing VLAN tag rewriting.

If you require some other type of dataplane connections for your OpenFlow experiment, please contact

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