InstaGENI Aggregate

University of Utah Stitching Aggregate

This aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (06/02/2015).

InstaGENI Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Manager URL
Aggregate Manager URN
Aggregate Manager Common Name utah-stitch
Aggregate Resources This aggregate is for performing data plane level aggregation of stitching connections to/from AL2S and several Utah GENI aggregates.
Typical Experiments This aggregate provides experiment-creation-time path provisioning for transport.
Sample RSpecs No sample RSpecs are available for this aggregate, because experimenters obtain resources via GENI stitching software, not by explicit RSpec requests.
Aggregate Status Restricted access to monitoring at
Slice Authorities Recognized GENI Portal (, ProtoGENI (
Usage Policies A GENI Recommended Use Policy is available. Site should also add links here to their own usage policies.
Layer 2 Connectivity Access to Internet2 AL2S, Utah ProtoGENI, Utah InstaGENI, and Utah DDC (Utah CloudLab and APT currently in test)

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator Flux Research Group, School of Computing, University of Utah.
Resource Owner Rob Ricci
Technical POC
Developer Links Software pages: InstaGENI

GENI Network Stitching

Color( #FF8C10, #ffffff , Supports GENI Network Stitching and is available for experimenters.)?

VLANs Range Link ID URN Destination Network
2100-3499 Internet2 AL2S [1]
2100-3499 Utah ProtoGENI
2100-3499 Utah InstaGENI rack
2100-3499 Utah DDC InstaGENI rack

[1] The next hop linkID that connects utah-stitch to AL2s is:"

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