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GENI Storage and Archive Service (GSAS)

Participating Projects and Organizations

Project 1663: Digital Object Registry (CNRI)

Project 1856: GIMI I&M Tools (UMass Amherst, RENCI and others)

Technical Contacts

Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI) ( / 703 620 8990)

Shu Huang (RENCI) (

GPO System Engineer: Harry Mussman

GPO Software Engineer: Jeanne Ohren

1) Goals


  1. A structured place to store all of the objects (artifacts) for an experiment, with descriptors (metadata), that is easy to access, with short to medium term storage, and the ability to search. (Note: this goes well beyond just measurement data objects.)
  1. A separate long-term archive, with controlled access from the outside world, using a DOI (handle) as a persistent identifier
  1. Include most of the functionality provided by the Measurement Data Archive (MDA) prototype, built by CNRI.
  1. Establish multiple federated iRODS services, starting at RENCI and UMass Amherst, and operate for GENI users (experimenters).
  1. Establish persistent accounts for each user, and use icommands to store and retrieve objects (artifacts) for each user in the storage service.
  1. Establish authentication for each user based on username/password, certificates, and also proxy (delegated) certificates.
  1. Establish a directory structure in the storage service for each user to accommodate multiple experiments, and a directory structure for each experiment (consider "bag") to include all objects (artifacts) associated with that experiment, including one or more descriptors (metadata) within XML files (following the GENI descriptor schema).
  1. Provide multiple interfaces (including icommand and web) to allow an authenticated user to view, search and curate their objects (artifacts).
  1. Provide interface to allow a user to define an object (artifact) to be archived (where the object (artifact) may range from a large directory to a single file), include a descriptor (following the GENI ObjectDescriptor Schema), assign a persistent Digital Object Identifier (DOI, or "handle"), and decide when to push it to archive service.
  1. Establish an archive service that provides long-term and reliable storage, with public access via a DOI from the global handle service.
  1. Include a search function in the archive service, so that an outside user can search for and then retrieve an object, but allow the object’s owner to disable search, so that an outside user needs the DOI of the object to retrieve it.

Goals for GENI ObjectDescriptor Schema

  1. Useful for all types of objects, not just MeasurementData objects.
  1. Keep it simple, with the minimum number of mandatory fields.
  1. Where possible, values for fields should be automatically generated by Experiment Management Tools.

Use of “DataCite Schema for the Publication and Citation of Research Data”:

  1. When an object (artifact) is archived in the Archive Service with public access from the outside world via the Internet, using a DOI (handle) as a persistent identifier, and include descriptors (metadata) that follows DataCite Schema (ref)

2) Architecture and Design

An overview of the architecture and design of the GSAS is contained in this document:

GENI Storage and Archive Service: Storing and Archiving Experiment Objects

1) Goals
2) Configuration
3) Use Cases
4) Structure of Directories and Files in the GSAS
5) Access to the Structure in GSAS
6) Adding Descriptors
7) Searching Structure in GSAS
8) Creating a Bag and a .tar File
9) Archiving an Object
10) Overview of v1.x GENI ObjectDescriptor Schemas

This document is based on the early Measurement Data Archive (MDA) service prototype developed by CNRI, and many discussions within the GENI I&M community.


[ 041913 v1.1 GENI ObjectDescriptor Schema]

Operational Capabilities

Status Reports and Demonstrations

Software Releases and Acceptance Tests

GSAS v2.0 Plan, Tasks and Status (before GEC17)?

Tutorials and Experimenter Support

Technical Documents

iRODS fact sheet
iRODS overview
iRODS configuration
iRODS use cases
iRODS plan

I&M Tools: Basic Test/Tutorial/Experiment Storyboard
I&M Tools: Basic Test/Tutorial/Experiment Workflow

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