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InstaGENI Racks Project

The InstaGENI Racks address the GENI Rack Requirements and follow the process below to deliver experimenter resources:

InstaGENI Design

An InstaGENI Design Document is available. HP also published detailed manufacturing documentation.

In response to the proposed design the following were discussed on the mail list

  • InstaGENI Use Cases - Nine Use Cases were submitted for discussion in the design review, discussions are captured in this page.
  • InstaGENI Open Questions - Page capturing InstaGENI design question discussed at Design meeting and on the mail list.

During this phase, periodic InstaGENI aggregate surveys are conducted and results are captured here.

Acceptance Test Plans

Although GENI Rack Requirements are the same for each of the GENI rack projects, a separate acceptance test plan is defined for InstaGENI Racks based on the InstaGENI Use Cases:

GPO Status and Reports

Various pages are generated by the GPO to capture:

  • InstaGENI Aggregate Surveys - This page capture initial testing including the following: a simple 2 node experiment, AM API Acceptance test results and the GPO Development Analysis of the results.
  • InstaGENI Acceptance Test Status - This page captures test status updates as the InstaGENI Acceptance Tests are executed.
  • InstaGENI Acceptance Test Report - Upon project completion, this page will capture all test findings, configurations used, unresolved issues, etc.

Email for GENI support or email me with feedback on this page!

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