InstaGENI Acceptance Test Status

This page captures test status as the InstaGENI Acceptance Test Plan is executed.

The following matrix captures the state for each of the tests cases. For overall project details see the InstaGENI Project page.

Test State Date Completed Tickets Notes Tester
IG-ADM-1 Color(orange,Blocked)? IG-ADM-1 The only remaining blocker is government property tags. JBS
IG-ADM-2 Color(#98FB98,Pass: most criteria)? 2013-01-07 IG-ADM-2 Password-based login allowed on private network or with strong pseudorandom passwords; no serial console connection for control plane switch by default CG
IG-MON-1 Color(#63B8FF,In Progress)? IG-MON-1 CG
IG-MON-2 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-03-06 IG-MON-2 Trust for AM only shown at Utah PG. FOAM does not have way to show trusted authorities (FOAM-352). FOAM displays individual settings, "foamctl config:get-all-keys" coming in version 0.10.x LN
IG-MON-3 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-03-06 IG-MON-3 LN
IG-EXP-1 Color(#98FB98,Pass: most criteria)? 2013-02-06 IG-EXP-1 No Windows support, all other criteria was met. LN
IG-EXP-2 Color(#98FB98,Pass: most criteria)? 2012-08-20 IG-EXP-2 OpenVZ is Fedora15, cannot request other VM OS, modified test to use Fedora VM. LN
IG-EXP-3 Color(#98FB98,Pass: most criteria)? 2012-08-21 IG-EXP-3 100 VMs are supported, but some combinations are not allowed with current rack configuration LN
IG-EXP-4 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-01-07 IG-EXP-4 LN
IG-EXP-5 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-01-24 IG-EXP-5 LN
IG-EXP-6 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-01-09 IG-EXP-6 LN
IG-EXP-7 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-04-10 IG-EXP-7 Need to manually combine manifests for 2 aggregates scenario LN
IG-ADM-3 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-03-08 IG-ADM-3 JBS
IG-ADM-4 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-03-07 IG-ADM-4 TU
IG-ADM-5 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-03-14 IG-ADM-5 JBS
IG-ADM-6 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-03-08 IG-ADM-6 CG
IG-ADM-7 Color(orange,Blocked)? IG-ADM-7 instaticket:103 instaticket:104 instaticket:105 instaticket:106 instaticket:107 instaticket:108 instaticket:109 instaticket:110 LN
IG-MON-4 Color(green,Pass)? 2013-02-06 IG-MON-4 LN
IG-MON-5 Color(#98FB98,Pass: most criteria)? IG-MON-5 Collection of relational data is successful and contains most desired attributes; future improvements planned CG


State Legend Description
Color(green,Pass)? Test completed and met all criteria
Color(#98FB98,Pass: most criteria)? Test completed and met most criteria. Exceptions documented
Color(red,Fail)? Test completed and failed to meet criteria.
Color(yellow,Complete)? Test completed but will require re-execution due to expected changes
Color(orange,Blocked)? Blocked by ticketed issue(s).
Color(#63B8FF,In Progress)? Currently under test.
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