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Welcome to GENI Operations

The GENI operations team consists of representatives from GENI aggregate providers, the GENI MetaOperations Center (GMOC), and the GPO.

Please see GpoDoc for documents describing the GENI concept of operations, and operations procedures such as Emergency Stop.

If you are a GENI aggregate (resource) provider or a GENI campus operator, you can sign up for the GENI Response Team mailing list. This list is primarily for those providing production engineering and support to GENI. List members receive all GENI mesoscale outage and maintenance notifications from the GMOC. The GMOC also posts these notifications on the GMOC calendars.

GMOC live GENI measurement data is available on the web.

GENIProduction lists all GENI production resources. GeniAggregate lists all existing aggregates. Links on this page lead to Aggregate Information Pages with more details about the aggregates and how to use them.

GENIRacksHome provides information on GENI Racks.

Regionals provides information on Spiral 4 deployments of OpenFlow and GENI racks.

ConnectivityHome provides detailed information on layer 3 and layer 2 connections between GENI mesoscale resources.

EmergencyStop provides information on Emergency Stop, including an example procedure of how site operators can handle an Emergency Stop request.