GENI Production Resources

This page lists GENI resources that have been tested, released, and are supported as production resources for GENI experimenters' use.

Organization Name City State Resource Type Common Name External Network(s) Aggregate Pages
CENIC La Mirada CA OpenFlow Regional Network cenic-of Internet2
Clemson University Clemson SC InstaGENI Rack clemson-ig SOX
Cornell University Ithaca NY InstaGENI Rack cornell-ig NYSERNet
GENI Project Office Cambridge MA ExoGENI Rack gpo-eg NOX
GENI Project Office Cambridge MA InstaGENI Rack gpo-ig NOX
Georgia Tech Atlanta GA InstaGENI Rack gatech-ig NOX
Internet2 Ann Arbor MI Layer 2 National Network al2s N/A
Kettering University Flint MI InstaGENI Rack kettering-ig Merit
Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) College Park MD InstaGENI Rack max-ig MAX
Naval Postgraduate School Monterey CA InstaGENI Rack nps-ig CENIC
New York University New York NY InstaGENI Rack nyu-ig Internet2
Northwestern University Chicago IL InstaGENI Rack northwestern-ig StarLight
NYSERNet Syracuse NY InstaGENI Rack nysernet-ig NYSERNet
NYSERNet Syracuse NY OpenFlow Regional Network nysernet-of Internet2
RENCI Chapel Hill NC ExoGENI Rack renci-eg Internet2 and BEN
Rutgers University New Brunswick NJ InstaGENI Rack rutgers-ig MAGPI
Southern Crossroads (SoX) Atlanta GA InstaGENI Rack sox-ig SoX
Southern Crossroads (SoX) Atlanta GA OpenFlow Regional Network sox-of Internet2
StarLight Chicago IL OpenFlow Regional Network sl-of Internet2
University of Kentucky Lexington KY InstaGENI Rack uky-ig KyRON
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Champaign IL InstaGENI Rack illinois-ig Internet2
University of Kentucky Lexington KY ProtoGENI Testbed uky-pg KyRON
University of Missouri-Columbia Columbia MO InstaGENI Rack missouri-ig UEN
University of Michigan Ann Arbor MI InstaGENI Rack umich-ig UEN
University of Utah Salt Lake City UT InstaGENI Rack utah-ig UEN
University of Utah Salt Lake City UT ProtoGENI Testbed utah-pg UEN
University of Utah Salt Lake City UT InstaGENI Rack utahddc-ig UEN
University of Washington Seattle WA InstaGENI Rack uwashington-ig PNWGP
University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison WI InstaGENI Rack wisconsin-ig CIC OmniPoP

"External Networks" refers to networks that connect directly to the resource on the L2 dataplane. There can be multiple external networks, depending on the site. There can also be multiple local site networks connected to GENI resources. Local network L2 dataplane connections to the site are not listed, although each rack includes at least one local site network L2 connection. See Aggregate Pages for details.

ProductionRelease explains the GENI production release process.

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