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Project Title GENI Meta Operations

a.k.a. GMOC GMOC website

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator Jon-Paul Herron - GMOC Network Engineering
Co-Principal Investigator Luke Fowler - GMOC Systems Engineering
Principal Investigator Marianne Chitwood - GMOC Service Desk Project

Participating Organizations

Indiana University Bloomington, IN

Global Research Network Operations Center Indianapolis, IN


The scope of work on this project is to facilitate the sharing of operational and experimental information among GENI experimental components.

This effort has both technical development and operational requirements. Technically, the GENI Meta Operations Center (GMOC) would require a well-defined protocol to help generalize the operational details of GENI prototypes and for the providers of prototypes to send those details to an operational data repository. These requirements suggest a modular approach, with a generalized protocol rather than a restricted set of hardware and software that GENI prototype participants would be required to run. In other words, it would be largely up to the GENI Spiral project investigators to decide what data to share and how to collect this data from their prototype infrastructure. The GMOC would provide the standardized format for this data and the systems required to share, monitor, display, and act on this data. In addition, the GMOC could be used to help provide a repository for data collections passing into and out of GENI prototypes for the purpose of discovering and isolating prototypes that have caused problems. This might require additional instrumentation at the connection points and substrate elements between prototypes.

This would be accomplished with the help of the other prototypes that are part of GENI Spirals. The GMOC will work with these other projects to develop the operational data formats, processes, and systems needed for a consistent and useful suite of GENI infrastructures. During the project, participants will investigate how a Meta Operations Center might interact with various prototype participants to accomplish operations functions.

GMOC Block Diagram


MilestoneDate(GMOC: S3.a Complete GENI Concept of Operations document)?
MilestoneDate(GMOC: S3.b Build an initial "Operations Eco-System" table)?
MilestoneDate(GMOC: S3.c Build and populate a GENI operational contact database)?
MilestoneDate(GMOC: S3.d Work with OpenfFow, ORCA, ProtoGENI, and PlanetLab projects to collect and share more operations data)?
MilestoneDate(GMOC: S3.e Support limited operations functions for specific projects)?
MilestoneDate(GMOC: S3.f Work with I&M projects to allow experiments to provide measurement data for their slices to GMOC)?

Project Technical Documents

GENI Concept of Operations

Document Describing GMOC strategy for integration and coordination between GMOC and GENI security architecture(s)

Operational Dataset Discussion Strawman

Internal data format to be used by GMOC

GMOC Relational Data schema (data format used for submitting relational data to GMOC)

Data exchange format to be used by GMOC (NOTE: See Updated data schema )

GENI Emergency Shutdown Procedure and Workflow Diagram - Spiral 4

Emergency Stop System Description - Spiral 4 (A high-level overview of the GENI Emergency Stop System)

GMOC prototype monitoring pages

operations ecosystem table last updated 3/15/2011

GEC Presentations

GMOC presentation at GEC3

GMOC presentation at GEC13

GMOC presentation at GEC14

GMOC presentation at GEC16

GMOC presentation at GEC17

Spiral 1 :
Annual Report

Spiral 2 :
Spiral 2 Annual Review

Spiral 3:
- Post-GEC10
- Post-GEC11

Spiral 4:
- GMOC Service Desk Report SP4 Post-GEC13
- GMOC Service Desk Report SP4 Post-GEC14
- GMOC Software Development Post-GEC14 Report
- GMOC Service Desk Report SP4 Post-GEC15
- GMOC Software Development Post-GEC15 Report

Spiral 5:
- GMOC Service Desk Report SP5 Post-GEC16
- GMOC Service Desk Report SP5 Post-GEC17
- GMOC Service Desk Report SP5 Post-GEC18
- GMOC Service Desk Annual Report Spiral 5 (Oct. 2013)
- GMOC Service Desk Report SP5 Post-GEC19
- GMOC Service Desk Report SP5 Post-GEC20

Spiral 1 Connectivity

This project will use existing GRNOC addresses and connections. The GRNOC can access NLR and Internet2 nodes and endpoints. The project requires IP connectivity between the GRNOC and GENI nodes, servers, and other components that will provide or share operational data. Requirements for layer 2 virtual ethernet connections, are TBD.

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Heidi Picher Dempsey

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