Deploying Network-aware Applications in GENI

Webinar Details

  • Presented by: Prasad Calyam from the University of Missouri
  • Date: Friday September 30th
  • Time: 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. ET


We will discuss the requirements and design of a “Future Internet Performance Architecture” (FIPA), and present a hands-on demo that shows how to use a reference implementation of FIPA that we developed called ‘OnTimeMeasure’. OnTimeMeasure is comprised of several measurement related services that can interact with each other to enable performance intelligence within applications. We will show how OnTimeMeasure can be deployed in the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) infrastructure, and integrated within an application-adaptation scenario. Also we will present a case study in GENI that uses OnTimeMeasure-enabled performance intelligence in the context of dynamic resource allocation within thin-client based virtual desktop clouds. Lastly, we will show how a virtual desktop cloud provider can use the performance intelligence within a GENI slice to increase cloud scalability, while simultaneously delivering satisfactory user quality-of-experience.

Connection Information

Use the following URL to connect:

Alternatively, use your phone and participate without video by:
1) Dialing: +1.888.240.2560
2) Entering Conference ID: 562284608

Bluejeans is a video conferencing system. Click on the link and follow the instructions to get connected. The first time you use bluejeans you will likely need to install a plugin. For Google Chrome you may need to install a small client application.

Please join the meeting a few minutes before the start time.

Equipment Needed

  1. Computer with a good Internet connection and a browser (Firefox or Chrome preferred).
  2. Microphone (preferably a headset microphone) or alternatively a telephone.
  3. Webcam: Optional but recommended


If you wish to run the hands-on demo yourself, please complete the following pre-work:

  1. Ensure you can login to (instructions, step 1 here)
  2. Join a project. Use the project named OnTimeMeasure-GENI-Webinar unless you have access to another project which you prefer to use.
  3. Ensure you have generated and can use a key pair. You must:
    • have your private key on your machine
    • know your passphrase
    • if using Windows, have an SSH client installed and tested.
  4. Become familiar with GENI Portal.
  5. Register and create an account on the OnTimeMeasure portal at:

This tutorial will help you complete items 3 and 4 above, and is strongly recommended if you have never used GENI before, or have not used GENI for a while.



A video recording of the webinar is available here

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