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    11Navigation: [wiki:GEC21Agenda/ChoiceNet/start Up]
    3 = Login and Pre-setup =
    4 In this section you will
    5  1. Login to your slice, and
    6  1. Load the GENI Experimenter Tool (getool) software into your slice.
    7 In the next section, you will run the getool program to install the !ChoiceNet software into your slice.
    8 The getool is a program that runs on Linux-based systems. 
    9 It takes as input the RSPEC for your slice and then automatically ssh's into the nodes in your slice,
    10 loading the !ChoiceNet software into each node.  The getool is also used to configure and launch the !ChoiceNet services in your slice.
     3= Interacting with your slice =
    12 Normally, a user would run the getool from their linux-based laptop or desktop machine.  Because some attendees may not have a linux-based laptop, we will
    13 use one of the nodes in your slice as the linux-based machine to run the getool from.
    14 The following instructions show you how to login to the global node in your slice (GN0) which is a linux-based node.  You will install the getool on
    15 the global node and then run it from there.
     5In the next two sections you will be running !ChoiceNet applications in your slice.  In order to do that, you will need to be logged into the two end systems (i.e., non-router) nodes in your topology, namely '''H1''' and '''H2'''.  Please follow the instructions below to open up two terminal windows, one to H1 and one to H2.
    17 = Login to your slice =
    19 ==== Which slice should I use? ====
     7==== Opening a Terminal to H1 ====
    208We have pre-created a set of slices to be used for this tutorial.  Each of them has been created with the
    219[ GEC21 ChoiceNet RSPEC].