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Interacting with your slice

In the next two sections you will be running ChoiceNet applications in your slice. In order to do that, you will need to be logged into the two host (i.e., non-router) nodes in your topology, namely H1 and H2. Please follow the instructions below to open up two terminal windows, one to H1 and one to H2.

Finding the name of the H1 and H2 machines

Log in to and click Projects -> GEC21-ChoiceNet.

In the "Project Slices" section, you will see your slice. Click on the "Details" button, if there is a warning page, click on "Yes".

Scroll through the information until you find the H1 and H2 information, you will find the hostname as noted in the following figure. In this particular example , H1's hostname is and H2's hostname is ( this is only an example, your node name will be different )

Then we can continue to the next step to open terminals to H1 and H2.

Opening a Terminal to H1 or H2

Open a terminal to H1 or H2 just like you opened a terminal to the global node. The only difference will be the name of the destination. In particular, you will use the name you found for H1 or H2 above.

  • Make sure you use your GENI username when logging in to the H1 Node.
  • Use the H1 name you found above.
  • For ssh users the command will be something like ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_geni_ssh_rsa
  • For BitVise, FireSSH, Git !Bash, Putty, see this page for instructions.

Logging in to the GENI Desktop (Optional, but Highly Recommended)

Use your geni account to login to the GENI Desktop at Instruction on how to login to the GENI Desktop, to find your slice on the GENI Desktop, and to login to the end systems in your slice (H1 and H2), please follow the link

To look at traffic graphs for the links in your slices Please find the instructions

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