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Interacting with your slice

In the next two sections you will be running ChoiceNet applications in your slice. In order to do that, you will need to be logged into the two end systems (i.e., non-router) nodes in your topology, namely H1 and H2. Please follow the instructions below to open up two terminal windows, one to H1 and one to H2.

Opening a Terminal to H1

We have pre-created a set of slices to be used for this tutorial. Each of them has been created with the GEC21 ChoiceNet RSPEC. You have been assigned one of these pre-created slices. You will be given information about your slice at the beginning of the tutorial.

Do I need ssh keys to login?

Yes, you will need a copy of your private ssh key on your laptop. If you participated in a GENI tutorial yesterday or today, you most likely already installed your private key on your laptop. In that case, you can skip the instructions to get a copy of your private ssh key.

How do I get a copy of my private ssh key?

  1. Visit Login to the portal
  2. Go the to Profile tab
  3. Under the SSH Keys section you will find a button to download your Private key. When you click it the downloaded file will probably be named :id_geni_ssh_rsa. You will need to save it in the appropriate place for ssh (~/.ssh/id_geni_ssh_rsa), or, for BitVise, FireSSH, Git Bash/Putty (look at this page). (Note that you may need to chmod 600 id_geni_ssh_rsa to remove execute permissions on the file).

How do I login to my global node?

After your private ssh keys have been installed on your laptop, ssh into your global node (GN0) the using your preferred ssh client (e.g., ssh, BitVise, FireSSH, Git Bash/Putty).

  • Make sure you use your GENI username when logging in to the GN0 Node.
  • You can find the DNS name of your global node on the piece of paper handed to you at the beginning of the tutorial.
  • For ssh users the command will be something like ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_geni_ssh_rsa (this is only an example, your GNO name will be different)
  • For BitVise, FireSSH, Git Bash/Putty, see this page for instructions.

Where do I get a copy of the GENI Experimenter Tool (getool)?

Using the wget command below, you can download a script that, when run on your global node GN0, will download the GENI Experimenter Tool (getool) software. The script will also setup ssh keys on the GN0 that will allow the getool to ssh into the other nodes in your slice. To get a copy of the script and run it, type the following commands on your global node (GN0):

tar xzf choicenet_prework.tgz

NOTE: If you plan to use ChoiceNET at a later date from a linux workstation, using the GN0 node is not a requirement. The same can be done from your linux workstation. All you would need is the manifest rspec for your slice, and your GENI ssh private key as a param to the getool.

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