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Because the resources needed to perform this tutorial are comparitively large (1 G per OVS VM), this may not be possible to run 40 slices at the same time on InstaGENI. If you are doing this at the GEC tutorial, please team up with another experimenter - i.e., 2 people per slice.


We will use a similar hub and spoke setup as the Pox/OpenvSwitch tutorial as our starting point. The topology we will create is exactly the same as before, with a couple of differences:

  • The Open vSwitch setup (creating a bridge, adding interfaces, etc.) are already done for you
  • Java, Apache's Maven build tool, and Open Daylight have already been installed and are ready to run
  • We have bumped up the RAM of the OVS VM to 1 GB.

Setting up the Slice

By this point, you must be familiar with using an Rspec to add resources to a slice (If not, see this tutorial.

This is the URL to the Rspec you will use

Note: If Flack gives an error importing this Rspec, open the Rspec in a browser window, copy its contents, and import it into Flack using the 'Import from clipboard" option. Click 'Submit' after you import the Rspec and wait until your resources are reserved.

Once your slice is setup and your resources are all accessible over ssh, it should look like this in Flack.

Ensure that you can ssh into all 3 nodes. Also ensure that on the OVS host, the bridge is set up correctly

anirudhr@ovs:~$ sudo ovs-vsctl show
    Bridge "br0"
        Controller "tcp:"
        fail_mode: secure
        Port "eth2"
            Interface "eth2"
        Port "eth3"
            Interface "eth3"
        Port "br0"
            Interface "br0"
                type: internal
        Port "eth1"
            Interface "eth1"