GEC19 Tutorial: Developing SDN Applications with OpenDaylight

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Monday, 1:30pm-3:30pm

Tutorial Instructors

Anirudh Ramachandran, Deutsche Telekom Innovation center

Agenda / Details

This tutorial will start with a very brief introduction to OpenFlow/SDN, and then describe the OpenDaylight SDN controller platform and its various components. We will then dive into a hands-on tutorial on OpenDaylight where we will set up the controller platform, walk through an Openflow-based learning switch application, and test the application using virtual Openflow switches. If time permits, we will also visit a stateless loadbalancer application. The tutorial will use content from


  • GEC19Agenda/GettingStartedWithGENI tutorial or equivalent experience with experimentation with GENI.
  • GEC19Agenda/IntroToOFPox tutorial or equivalent about basic usage of an SDN controller
  • Use of ssh to log into machines. You must have an ssh client on your machine and be able to log into GENI nodes.
  • Intermediate familiarity with the UNIX command line.
  • Ability to edit code using vim, emacs, or nano from the terminal.
  • Basic knowledge of Software Defined Networking and Openflow

We will have Opendaylight running on GENI VMs, but if you wish to use a modern IDE like Eclipse, please download Virtual Box as well as the all-in-one VM from SDN Hub.

Tutorial materials


  • Part II: Execute
    • Step 2: Configure and Initialize Services
    • Step 3: Execute Experiment
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