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Evening Demo Session



Tuesday, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Session Leaders

Heidi Dempsey, GENI Project Office


The evening demo session gives existing GENI projects and those interested in collaborating with GENI projects a chance to share their work in a live network environment. Demonstrations run for the entire length of the session, with teams on hand to answer questions and collaborate. This page lists scheduled demonstrations categorized in broad interest groups.


Please visit PresenterInfo for all demo presenter related logistics information

GENI Infrastructure and Measurement Projects

GENICloud Demonstration at GEC 14

ExoGENI demo

GEC 14 InstaGENI Demonstration

KanseiGenie GEC14 Demo Request

IMF GEC14 demo

OnTimeMeasure Demo Request

Demo Request for netKarma

MAX Stitching GEC14 Demonstration

Demo Request of GMOC Monitoring

Demo Request of GENI ShadowNet at GEC 14

Federation and International Projects

GpENI demo at GEC13 - KU

Secure and Resilient Virtual Trust Routing Framework for Future Internet


GEC14 demo request - Dynamic cloud infrastructure using Trema and OpenStack

iGENI-Slice Around The World - Phase 1

Experiments and Education

PrimoGENI demo

Internet2 Poster + Demo Request

Wireless Projects

Multi-Site Experimentation with GENI WiMAX

Running Opportunistic Mobile Wireless Network Experiments on ORBIT

Demonstration of a WiMAX-Optical hybrid network with dynamic switching.

Performance Analysis of DDoS Detection Methods on GENI

Clemson WiMAX BW Contention Resolution and DDoS demo

Global Name Resolution Service: Scalable Mobility Support in MobilityFirst FIA

WiRover/WiMAX demo

Security and Socially Aware Projects =

TIED GEC Demo request

Socially Aware Single System Image

Occupying GENI with Social Packets

Hive Mind Demo at GEC14

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