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Evening Demo Session


Ackerman Union Grand Ballroom
University of California, Los Angeles


Tuesday, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Session Leaders

Heidi Dempsey, GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) Demo

GENI ShadowNet

GpENI demo

SeRViTR and GpENI Demo

K-GENI demo

Syndicate demo

MySlice over SFA GUI demo

Experimentation over OFELIA testbed: Power-aware Routing

Parallel service dependent load-balancing

How real-time simulation enables interaction between real machines and the simulator

Resource allocation demonstration

Aalborg FIA project

Development of Education and Training Resources for GENI Experimenters

Adaptive Source Routing on GENI

WiMAX at NYU-Poly: Cooperative Packet Recovery over Heterogeneous Networks

Wideband Cognitive Radio Demonstration

WiMax and CIAN collaboration

Streaming between vehicle and infrastructure using Network Coding

Clemson Wimax Demo

Demonstration of robust delivery services and multi-homing in MobilityFirst FIA

WiRover/WiMAX demo

GEC13 demo: Lehigh Tourist Guide using SECON

TUF Demo


Socially Aware Single System Image

OpenFlow at Clemson: Data Analysis Network

OFUWI: Network Coding

Demo of Hive Mind Project

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