WiMAX Campus Deployment Call

Monday, January 16, 2011, 3pm - 4pm


The projects involved in deploying WiMAX base stations will review their current status and progress towards their Spiral 4 roadmap goals.


BBN Technologies Harry Mussman

WINLAB Ivan Seskar

Polytechnic Institute of NYU Fraida Fund

Colorado Dirk Grunwald

Wisconsin Derek Meyer

Clemson KC Wang, Reece Johnson

Michigan Morley Mao

Wayne State Hongwei Zhang, Yu Chen

Temple Shan Lin, Kapil Dandekar

Drexel Jeff Wildman, Kevin Wanuga

MIT Kerim Fouli


1) Best time for next and future biweekly calls; see Doodle poll at

Based on results of the Doodle poll: Mon, 1/30, 1pm - 2pm; continuing every two weeks.

2a) Update on GENI WiMAX site frequencies, and Airspan order:

attached file

Want review of info required for FCC license application;
See for overview
See for process, and sample licenses
Required info includes: exact location; frequency

2b) Airspan equipment arriving soon at Rutgers WINLAB:

Expect to ship out to sites quickly; need shipping addresses from sites.
For initial setup, site also requires:

Long fiber cable; fiber interface to Ethernet switch
Long power cable (30m in kit); power supply.
Windows server for manager software.
Reference mobile stations: WiMAX dongles, and netbooks with WiMAX modems

Later, will require:

Server for ASN GW software (data path)
Ethernet switch
Server with VMs for OMF, OML, Login service, etc. (control path)

3) Deployment plans at Wayne State?

Waiting for decision by Clearwire; expected 1-2 weeks

4) Orders by: Temple; Drexel; BBN

Shan Lin at Temple waiting for email reply with final quote from Gregg Tome; will inform Tome
Jeff and Ken from Drexel have reference quote; still planning installation, with cable lengths; should order base station now, the order cables, power supply, etc., later.

5) Reminder: need detailed deployment plans by GEC13!

6) Update on WiMAX modem orders, including WiMAX USB cards:

attached file
Derek Meyer: Teltonika order refused, now dropped.

7) New WiMAX RF Agg Mgr received from WINLAB, which maps MS groups to VLAN tags: (Ivan, Nilanjan)

Under test at BBN; need final package (Manu, Nilanjan)

8) Progress towards self-contained WiMAX site configuration at BBN with OMF/OML and Login services (Manu)

Installing software using puppet configuration tool on server with VMs
Also server for ASN GW, and Cisco Ethernet switch

9) Plans for demos at GEC13 (3/13 - 3/15 at UCLA)

Will WINLAB do another Mobility First demo? (Ivan, Kiran)

9b) WiMAX experiments

Kerim Fouli has joined MIT experiment project; may need assistance. (Kerim, Manu)

10) Suggest other topics?

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