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Rspec allows advertising, Request and describing the resources used in CRON project. The format used in describing the Rspect is referred from Protogeni. Rspec is divided into three categories based on the purpose

  1. Advertisements – Used to describe the resources available on a Component Manager. They contain information used by clients to choose resources (components). Other kinds of information (MAC addresses, hostnames, etc.) which are not used to select resources should not be in the Advertisement.
  1. Requests - specify which resources a client is selecting from Component Managers. They contain a (perhaps incomplete) mapping between physical components and abstract nodes and links
  1. Manifests - provide useful information about the slivers actually allocated by a Component Manager to a client. This involves information that may not be known until the sliver is actually created (i.e. dynamically assigned IP addresses, hostnames), or additional configuration options provided to a client.

The resources offered by CRON are,
—PCs with 10G interface (Sun X4240)
—10G switch (Cisco Nexus 5000 series switch)
—10G hardware Emulator (Anue XGEM)

We have defined the advertisement Rspec for all the above resources as below.

<node component_manager_uuid="" component_name="cisco10G" component_uuid="">

<node_type type_name="switch" type_slots="1" /> <available>true</available>

<exclusive>true</exclusive> <interface component_id="” />

</node> <node component_manager_uuid="

authority+cm" component_name="pc2" component_uuid="">

<node_type type_name="pc4240" type_slots="1" /> <node_type type_name="pc" type_slots="1" /> <node_type type_name="delay" type_slots="1" /> <node_type type_name="pcvm" type_slots="20" /> <available>true</available> <exclusive>true</exclusive> <interface component_id=" interface+ pc2:eth4" />

<interface component_id="

interface+pc2:eth5" />

<node component_manager_uuid="

authority+cm" component_name="em01" component_uuid="">

<node_type type_name="hwem" type_slots="1" /> <available>true</available> <exclusive>true</exclusive> <interface component_id="

interface+em01:eth0" />

<link component_manager_uuid="" component_name="link-pc1:eth4-cisco10G:(null)" component_uuid=" cisco10G:(null)">


component_node_uuid="" component_interface_id="

interface+pc1:eth4" />


component_node_uuid=" cisco10G" component_interface_id=" interface+cisco10G:(null)" />

<bandwidth>10000000</bandwidth> <latency>0</latency> <packet_loss>0</packet_loss>

<link_type type_name="ethernet" />


Few aspects of hardware emulator Rspec needs to be finalized

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