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An optical fiber between CRON testbed (which was deployed at the first floor of the Frey building inside Louisiana State University) and a switch of LONI has been deployed. The LONI switch is connected to the internet2 network through Internet2 ION service. Our connection between CRON testbed and the ION is done using the IDC server. This connection can be maintained and operated through this IDC server. This has been successfully tested by LONI administrators. Through this IDC interface, bandwidth can be reserved in the internet2 for the experiment. Right now, LONI cannot handle dynamic setting up of different control parameters through scripts. So they should be set up manually by using GUI and login

After that, we have completed a test of the ION connection between the temporary Vlan assignment for CRON on the LONI switch ( and BBN (POC of BBN: Heidi Dempsey) successfully. BBN has also tested the Vlan (the information that was used for the test).

Description: BBN/LONI test 1 (minimal connectivity)
Start Date: 2/26/2010
Start Time: 10:27
End Date: 2/26/2010
End Time: 11:27
Duration: 1 hour
Bandwidth: 50 Mbps
Source VLAN: 3726
Source VLAN type: Tagged
Destination VLAN: 2999
Destination VLAN type: Tagged

Since there were only few GENI sites which have the Internet2 ION service, we could not perform the connection test from CRON testbed to other ProtoGENI sites. This test will be done to confirm end to end connectivity.

To build a circuit to Layer 2 connection one should select Select URN as the local URN and set the system to a predefined/allocated tagged vlan. The system will translate vlans, so users have to make sure that s/he has the correct Vlan set on his/her side. It does not have to match the remote Vlan Number. Users have to keep in mind that this is an allocation reservation system and s/he has to make sure that his/her requests fit the bandwidth and time slots available

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