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Milestone S2.g completion

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Priority: major Milestone: ORCABEN: S2.g Cluster plan for VLANs between testbeds
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Per 11/20/09 email:

Ilia and all,

Attached is an updated set of drawings, reflecting our discussion on 11/17.

(Note: I've added a connection from Ohio State to NLR, per Wenjie's comments. Wenjie, can you please verify or fix? Thanks)

These drawings are also posted on the VLAN connectivity wiki page at erD_Connectivity.vsd (visio) and _ClusterD_Connectivity.pdf

1) From our discussion on 11/17, the first goal is to realize the functionality shown in Fig 1-4d (page 7), with fixed (or dynamic) connectivity via NLR and regionals, with dynamic connections at each aggregate.

2) Then, the next step would be to IGENI functionality, Fig 1-4e (page 8).

We should all try to gather information and present it on the VLAN connectivity page.



Additional notes from 12/1109 email;


1) Based on our meeting at GEC-6, and recent emails and discussions, the plan on the wiki has been updated, including the addition of updated drawings:

In particular, based upon recent input from Ilia, the section on NLR FrameNet at has been updated.

PLEASE, PLEASE, everyone should use this wiki to document their work on this plan!

2) The first step is now summarized at lusterDAggregatesviaNLRFrameNetService , which includes:

"fixed (or dynamic) connectivity via NLR and regionals, with dynamic connections at each aggregate"

Ilia reports that he is working towards using Sherpa to setup paths dynamically, although regionals (particularly NOX to BBN and UMass) may fix the VLAN tags.

3) The second step is now summarized at ICrossconnecttoInterconnectBackbonesandtoConnecttoInternationalTestbed s which includes: "adding iGENI functionality"

4) The milestone to "help complete a VLAN plan at GEC-6" has been completed, but it is essential that each aggregate work on open issues, and then plan (in many cases) to dynamically connect their resources with the backbone VLANs by GEC7.

5) Open issues for UMass Amherst: " VLANs from control plane server in UMass Amherst CS building, via UMass Amherst campus OIT, via Northern Crossroads (NoX), via handoff located at 300 Bent St in Cambridge, MA, to NLR.

Current connection runs from UMass to BBN, temporarily.

Per Kathy Benninger, staff engineer for NLR,, on 11/17/09: UMass should be able to connect to NLR for GENI per GENI agreement, even though they are not members of NLR.

Action Item: UMass should contact Kathy, and get an NLR account, so that they can be directly connected.

Note: Cloud Control aggregate will require special connectivity arrangements to cloud resources.

5) At GEC-6, Wenjie indicated that a connection from Ohio State to NLR, should be possible, via regional OARnet, to NLR PoP in Chicago. (or Cleveland?)

Action Item: Kansei needs to firm up this plan.

6) Can Kansei (Hongwei?) work up a plan to connect from Wayne State to NLR FrameNet at Cleveland PoP, or?

Thanks for your efforts. Please forward any comments or changes.


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