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Integrating GENI/Wireless with Emerging Connected Vehicle and Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Demo description paragraph (three sentence minimum): An OpenFlow-based handover and mobility solution for connected vehicles. A handover can occur on a device on a vehicle when it changes network interfaces or when an interface attaches to a new point on the edge. Traditionally, device mobility has been made possible with various mobile IP solutions. Clemson University was tasked by GENI to create a testbed to support handover and mobility experiments with IPv4. Our solution is entirely OpenFlow-based and includes components onboard the client device and within the network edge and core. The demonstration at GEC21 shows how the various OpenFlow components interact and are used to allow a client device to switch interfaces without disrupting the application layer.

Scenario 1: Vehicles run one application that requires continuous network connection, e.g., video conference. However, while moving on road, the vehicle may move out of the coverage of currently connected network. Since other networks may exist, the vehicle would wish to be able to transparently switch to another available network. In this demo, we show how the SDN based scheme can enable smooth and transparent handoff to another network without disturbing the performance of the running application.

Scenario 2: Vehicles will operate two applications. One will be uploading or downloading real-time or video-on-demand streamed data. The second application will be a safety related application. Emerging applications such as collision avoidance will require periods certain type of control messages to be sent from the vehicle or to the vehicle with a high strict network service quality requirements. While these applications are well suited for DSRC vehicle-to-infrastructure deployment areas, it is clear that DSRC networks are unable to scale (both geographically and by the number of participating nodes). Thus, in this demo, we will show how the two applications can transparently switch between different networks with the support of the SDN based handoff solution, so that their requirements on network service quality and robustness can be satisfied.

List of equipment that will need AC connections (e.g. laptop, switch, monitor): Two monitors and two laptops.

Total number of wired network connections (sum standard IP and VLAN connections): Two standard IPs

Number of wired layer 2 VLANs (if any): Specify VLAN number, if known, approximate bandwidth, and whether tagged or untagged. N/A

Number of wireless network connections (include required bandwidth if significant): NA

Number of static addresses needed (if any): NA

Monitor (y/n, specify VGA or DVI): 2 VGA

Specify resolution only if your software has resolution restrictions.

Number of posters (max size poster boards are 30" x 40"): 1

Special requests: Include any specific network connectivity needs (e.g. VLANs to a particular GENI

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Thanks for the demo request. We should have no problem getting you space. See you in Indiana!

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Summary: GEC 21 Demo Request-Integrating GENI/Wireless with Emerging Connected Vehicle and Intelligent Transportation SystemsIntegrating GENI/Wireless with Emerging Connected Vehicle and Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Apologies, but at this point, we cannot guarantee you will have 2 LCDs available for demo night. If you want to try to bring your own, you are welcome to, but we do not have enough LCDs to be giving people multiple.

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Thanks for joining us in Bloomington this year. We hope everything worked as you expected. Don't hesitate to offer any suggestions.

Please feel free to update / append the wiki page for the Demo Night here:

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