Milestone OnTime: S3.d Demonstrate the use of OnTimeMeasure within a simple GENI Experiment

Completed 13 years ago (03/16/11 14:26:22)

  • Demonstration to feature a GENI experiment requesting/managing/querying measurements through OnTimeMeasure to address a network science and engineering research issue (e.g., resource allocation in a virtual desktop cloud) . Preliminary demonstration of integration with a experiment control tool.
  • Present work accomplished in Milestone 3 at appropriate WG meeting (I&M, Experimenter Services, etc).
  • Run a workshop and/or tutorial at GEC10.
  • Try to find experimenters who will use OnTimeMeasure

Status: Demo'd at GEC. See video under "current capabilities" section of wiki.

Did tutorial at GEC. multiple groups are interested and are trying it out

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