Milestone BGPMux: S3.c Demonstration and Outreach at GEC10

Completed 13 years ago (03/16/11 15:10:29)

  • Show multiple experiments running on ProtoGENI infrastructure, including integration with an OpenFlow experiment.
  • Deliver tutorial showing all previous features, plus allocation of experiment from ProtoGENI clearinghouse.
  • Report (document or web page) on feasibility of accelerating BGP Mux data plane with hardware in existing ProtoGENI racks (e.g., OpenFlow switches + FlowVisor).
  • Bring at least one more BGP Mux site online.
  • Deliver updated tutorial documents..
  • Software release: a ""reference experiment"" and instructions for setting it up; latest stable version of BGP Mux software including aggregate manager software.


  • Multiple experiments: Cache poisoning experiment + other inbound route control experiment
  • New BGP Mux site: Clemson

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