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sliver_id should not use #

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The sliver_id field is not supposed to include a '#'. The current spec says only alphanumeric plus hyphen. (

The adopted AM API draft changeset allows underscore or '.' as well. Use one of those if you need another separator.


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Doing this will threaten the ability to do proper ndl-rspec conversions. I don't believe '#' is disallowed in urns standards?

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by

We chose not to include it because that is 1 of the characters that must be converted when translating from a publicid to a URN (RFC 3151). It isn't impossible to allow it - it just gets harder for tools & aggregates that want to convert.

I don't feel strongly about this one (which is why I left it at 'minor' priority, since 'trivial' always sounds to me like I'm presuming that it is easy to do).

For now, can you email me & Jonathon Duerig <> explaining why allowing '#' in the sliver URN would really really make your life easier? I suspect we can just do this as a change for APIv4 - that you will have already done.

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