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sliver_type: Treat m1.small as default if none specified

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Having a list of sliver_types is great - thanks. With this, plus the default disk image (really awesome, thanks), I can submit a request to ExoGENI that is pretty generic / unbound. And it looks a lot like what I can do at InstaGENI.

The primary difference is sliver_type: For VMs, the possible values are different between InstaGENI and ExoGENI. For advanced users, this seems good - you ask for what you really want.

But if I just want a VM, it would be nice if I didn't have to specify.

Specifically, can we have a default sliver_type - presumably something like m1.small, if none is specified?

This would allow a very simple request RSpec to work at both kinds of racks:

<rspec type="request" xsi:schemaLocation="     
  <node client_id="mine"/>

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r5337 on trunk takes care of default instance size if sliver type is omitted.

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Using version "ORCA Dungeness:" on the NICTA rack was able to verify that requesting a node without any sliver_type definition results in the following being allocated:

<sliver_type name="m1.small">
<disk_image version="d1044d9162bd7851e3fc2c57a8251ad6b3641c0c" name=""/>

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Using 'ORCA Dungeness:' on BBN rack and an rspec that did not define a sliver_type:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rspec type="request" 
  <node client_id="VM-1" component_manager_id="urn:publicid:IDN+bbnvmsite+authority+cm">

Resulted in the following sliver_type being created:

<sliver_type name="m1.small">
<disk_image version="d1044d9162bd7851e3fc2c57a8251ad6b3641c0c" name=""/>

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