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AM API V1 URL does not exist at ExoSM and BBN SM

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Component: AM Version: SPIRAL5
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According to getversion the ExoGENI SM supports AM API V1 and V2:

$ getversion -a eg-sm       
   'geni_api': 2,
    'geni_api_versions': {   '1': '',
                             '2': ''},


Attempts to execute command with AM API V1 URL fail:
$ listresources  -a
ERROR:omni.protogeni:Call for GetVersion at 
failed.: ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for 
404 Not Found>
ERROR:omni.protogeni:    ..... Run with --debug for more information
WARNING:omni:Couldnt get api version supported from GetVersion: AM failed getversion (empty): 
ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for 404 Not Found>
WARNING:omni:Got no api_version from getversion at AM failed 
getversion (empty): ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for 404 Not Found>


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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by

We're no longer maintaining V1 interface. I took out its advertizement. Next time we redeploy it won't be there.

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Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

This problem no longer exists, the current getversion only lists API Version 2 at RENCI, GPO and ExoSM, following is the output from the ExoSM getversion:

$ getversion -a eg-sm lnexo                                   
INFO:omni:Loading config file /home/lnevers/.gcf/omni_config
INFO:omni:Using control framework pg
INFO:omni:Substituting AM nickname eg-sm with URL, URN unspecified_AM_URN
INFO:omni:AM URN: unspecified_AM_URN (url: has version:
INFO:omni:{   'geni_ad_rspec_versions': [   {   'extensions': [   '',
                                      'namespace': '',
                                      'schema': '',
                                      'type': 'GENI',
                                      'version': '3'}],
    'geni_api': 2,
    'geni_api_versions': {   '2': ''},
    'geni_request_rspec_versions': [   {   'extensions': [   '',
                                           'namespace': '',
                                           'schema': '',
                                           'type': 'GENI',
                                           'version': '3'}],
    'orca_version': 'ORCA Camano:'}
INFO:omni: ------------------------------------------------------------
INFO:omni: Completed getversion:

  Options as run:
		aggregate: ['eg-sm']
		framework: pg
		noGetVersionCache: True

  Args: getversion lnexo

  Result Summary: 
Got version for
INFO:omni: ============================================================
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