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Sliver creation fails with "could not reserver vlan tags"

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Priority: major Milestone: IG-EXP-1
Component: Experiment Version: SPIRAL4
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An experiment named "2rawpc-bsd" was run at 10:22 eastern using 2 raw-pcs with FBSD82-STD and one LAN. Create sliver failed with the following error:

Result Summary: Slice 
expires on 2012-05-16 15:22:38 UTC
Asked to reserve resources. 
No manifest Rspec returned. Could not reserve vlan tags 

The RSpec used:

<rspec type="request" 
 <node client_id="PC" component_manager_id="" exclusive="true">
    <sliver_type name="raw-pc">
      <disk_image name=""/>
    <interface client_id="PC:if0">
  <node client_id="PC-0" component_manager_id="" exclusive="true">
    <sliver_type name="raw-pc">
      <disk_image name=""/>
    <interface client_id="PC-0:if0">
  <link client_id="lan0">
    <component_manager name=""/>
    <interface_ref client_id="PC-0:if0"/>
    <interface_ref client_id="PC:if0"/>
    <property source_id="PC-0:if0" dest_id="PC:if0"/>
    <property source_id="PC:if0" dest_id="PC-0:if0"/>
    <link_type name="lan"/>

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Re-ran the 2 raw-pc using the FreeBSD 8.2 image and was able to access both allocated raw-pcs and exchange traffic. This is no longer an issue, closing ticket.

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