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Sliver failure for GA Tech aggregate for Confirmation Test IG-CT-3

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Running test case IG-CT-3, which includes 1 VM @GPO InstaGENI and 1 VM @ GA Tech InstaGENI connected via a GRE Tunnel.

The sliver creation is successful and the sliver status is ready for GPO InstaGENI, but the sliver failed for the GA Tech sliver. Failure shown in sliverstatus may be the same as reported by Josh in earlier email, writing ticket to track to resolution:

      "geni_error": "Running os dependent initialization script rc.linux
*** WARNING: could not identify root disk, no swap enabled
Informing Emulab Control that we have rebooted
Checking Testbed reservation status
Cleaning node; removing configuration files Allocated! emulab-net/IG-CT-3/VM-2
Setting up for SFS ... 
Setting up Ping of Death
Authenticated IPOD enabled from
Starting node health monitoring daemon
FATAL: Module i2c_piix4 not found.
FATAL: Module w83781d not found.
Failed running rc.healthd (256)! at /usr/local/etc/emulab/ line 1152, <TD> line 2.
Starting slothd usage detector
Starting testbed update watchdog
Running config scripts
Checking manifest...
Checking Testbed localization configuration ... 
Checking Testbed keys ...
Checking Testbed Blobs configuration ... 
Checking Testbed user accounts configuration ... 
Adding group: emulab-net/502
Adding: lnevers/20001/502/1/lnevers//users/lnevers/
updating local home directory
Adding: geniuser/502/502/1/Geni User//users/geniuser/
updating local home directory
Checking Testbed route configuration ... 
net.ipv4.conf.all.forwarding = 1
Checking Testbed tunnel 
configuration ... 
FATAL: Module ip_gre not found.
Checking Testbed interface 
configuration ... 
Using Linux netem instead of custom qdiscs.
Checking Testbed hostnames configuration ... 
Checking Testbed trace configuration ... 
Checking Testbed trafgen configuration ... 
Checking Testbed Tarball configuration ... 
Checking Testbed RPM configuration ... 
Starting linktest daemon
*** ERROR: linktest daemon failed to start. Status: 15
*** /usr/local/etc/emulab/rc/rc.bootsetup:
    Error running /usr/local/etc/emulab/rc/rc.linktest ", 
      "geni_status": "failed"

Also received this email failure notification:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	GATECHINSTAGENI: 1 nodes failed to boot
Date: 	Mon, 29 Apr 2013 11:35:59 -0400 (EDT)
To: 	lnevers <>

  [Node: pcvm2-2]
in failed.

Slice name is "IG-CT-3". VMs assigned are:

GA Tech: port 31290 GPO: port 31290

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Was eventually able the sliver with 1 VM @ GA Tech and 1 VM @ GPO. But once the slivers were created, was not able to ping between the two allocated nodes. Waiting on firewall rule changes to allow GRE traffic to be applied at GA Tech.

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by

The firewall updates for GRE traffic have been made for the GATech site. Traffic is now allowed for GRE connection between GPO and GA Tech. NO issues remain, closing ticket.

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Resolution: fixed
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