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#87 Issuing reboot on GPO and Utah IG nodes results in node not available reopened somebody minor SPIRAL5
#13 Supported images availability and documentation new major SPIRAL4
#50 sliver manifest does not pass rspeclint new somebody major IG-EXP-2 SPIRAL4
#62 rspeclint for sliver manifest reports unkown namespace new somebody minor SPIRAL5
#63 incorrect or wrong component_manager_id results in unreported bad state sliver new somebody major SPIRAL5
#77 AM V3 reports incorrect error when no local resources exist for the aggregate. new somebody major SPIRAL5
#78 AM V3 reports incorrect error for bad credential type (type geni_sfaBROKEN) new somebody major SPIRAL5
#95 Inconsisent naming used for InstaGENI aggregates new somebody major SPIRAL5
#100 Resource mapper bug when clientId is the same as the name of a physical host new somebody major SPIRAL5
#118 There is no check for lower limit of xen host guest memory size new somebody major SPIRAL5
#129 AM API v3 performoperationalaction return is 0 new major SPIRAL5
#130 AM API v3 geni_restart isn't restarting nodes? new major SPIRAL5
#135 AM API V3 GetVersion geni_single_allocation is a string '1' and should be an int new somebody minor SPIRAL6
#136 AM API V3 Describe reports internal error for slice that does not exist at aggregate new somebody major SPIRAL6
#137 vlanRangeAvailability ignored when request 'any' new somebody major SPIRAL6
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