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IDMS Project Status Report

Period: January 2014 - March 2014

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

  • Completed S6.b milestons (GEC19)
  • Began DMS implementation early to support demo, requirement document is superfluous given frequently updated code documentation

B. Deliverables made

  • Instructions for creating images
  • Appliance images for two components
  • Demonstration at GEC19
  • Presentation at GEC19 experimenter session

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

Activity: Created appliance images based on a minimal Debian 7 distribution. Made storage depot and Phoebus Gateway images available on project wiki with HOWTO for both ExoGENI and InstaGENI.
Findings: ExoGENI to InstaGENI conversion remains a delicate process. User account and data plane interface configuration on converted IG images requires a forthcoming fix to aggregate metadata services.

Activity: Started appliance images across a number of EG and IG aggregates to support demo and stitched data plane between sites where possible.
Findings: Stitching between multiple aggregates remains elusive for large-scale experiments. Will investigate better data plane connectivity between nodes within single aggregate types first.

Activity: Began development of data management service (DMS) to track allocated services and perform monitoring. Basic data distribution heuristics were demonstrated. Client tools can upload/download files within the runnig experiment with data allocations being distributed as resources allow.
Findings: Storage depot services worked well over both control plane and data plane interfaces. As reported, some aggregates perform control plane port filtering and others have clock skew that can affect monitoring.

B. Project participants

The following are active participants in the project:

  • Ezra Kissel – PI
  • Martin Swany - Co-PI
  • Amey Jahagirdar – Research Assistant

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

No publications done so far.

D. Outreach activities

  • Knowledge exchange with Paul Ruth (Science Shakedown) concerning our shared goals across respective sol4 experiments, e.g., image creation, stitched topologies, etc.
  • Continued outreach with both orca-users and protogeni-users communities to ensure IDMS operation across leading aggregate types.

E. Collaborations

Returning storage depot contributions back to our collaborators at UTK and Vanderbilt.

F. Other Contributions