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IDMS Project Status Report

Period: January 2014 - March 2014

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

  • Completed S6.b milestons (GEC19)
  • Began DMS implementation early to support demo, requirement document is superfluous given frequently updated code documentation

B. Deliverables made

  • Instructions for creating images
  • Appliance images for two components
  • Demonstration at GEC19
  • Presentation at GEC19 experimenter session

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings


  • N/A

B. Project participants

The following are active participants in the project:

  • Ezra Kissel – PI
  • Martin Swany - Co-PI
  • Amey Jahagirdar – Research Assistant

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

No publications done so far.

D. Outreach activities

  • Knowledge exchange with Paul Ruth (Science Shakedown) concerning our shared goals across respective sol4 experiments, e.g., image creation, stitched topologies, etc.
  • Continued outreach with both orca-users and protogeni-users communities to ensure IDMS operation across leading aggregate types.

E. Collaborations

Returning storage depot contributions back to our collaborators at UTK and Vanderbilt.

F. Other Contributions