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     4GPO coordinator:  Josh Karlin
    37=  GENI Cluster D Spiral 2 Connectivity Plan =
     216== 4.  Configuration of VLAN Connections ==
     219=== 4.1 Ordering of VLAN Connections ==
     221Ordering of VLAN connections is likely to proceed from the backbone out to the endpoints:
     223a)  In a demo on 7/7/09, the ORCA/BEN project:
     224•       Used Sherpa to pre-configure VLANs through NLR
     225•       Pre-assigned VLANs through the Duke campus network
     226•       And then mapped VLAN tags near the endpoint nodes.
     227See , Figures 6-2, 6-3 and 6-4.
     229b)  In a suggested approach to connectivity specification at , it is suggested that:  “we give the backbone priority in selecting a network's VLAN ID and aggregates must map the ID within their local network by whatever means is most convenient for them. This way, the experimenter need only know what backbone the aggregate is connected to, and can design the network from there.”
     232=== 4.2 Static or Dynamic Connections Through Backbone ==
     234a)  ProtoGENI (Emulab) uses pre-configured (static) VLANs on Internet2 GENI “wave”, between certain Internet2 Wave System nodes.   
     235See and
     237b)  ORCA/BEN project pre-configured (static) VLANs using NLR FrameNet service.  See , Figures 6-2, 6-3 and 6-4.
     239These were provisioned using Sherpa service. 
     241ORCA plans to provide an interface into the Sherpa GCI by 2/1/10, which would allow VLANs in NLR to be dynamically setup.
     243Dynamic setup would allow additional flexibility, with some complications.
     246=== 4.3 Connections Between Backbones ===
     248 The iGENI (Starlight) crossconnect includes the Starlight L2 crossconnect service in Chicago, which connects to multiple backbone networks, both domestic and international, including NLR and Internet2.
     254The Starlight service should be able to bridge connections between multiple backbone networks, allowing access to distant testbeds.  It may be able to bridge VLANs between NLR and Internet2, if allowed.