ODU -48VDC Power Cable

The typical configuration for powering the ODU consists of:

  • ODU mounted outdoors, on roof, with maximum of 4A required at -48VDC
  • outdoor power cable, two conductors, 12AWG, rated for outdoor use (e.g. 250-ft roll of 12/3 SJTW cable)
  • ODU Circular Connector
  • Lightning surge protector mounted on a barrier terminal block in a weather tight box on the roof.
  • One power supply for ODU, Mean Well SP-200-48, 110VAC input, -48VDC output, rated 4.2A or 200W

Disassemble the connector by unscrewing the small screw shown in Figure 1 with appropriate Allen wrench.

Disassembling the ODU Connector

The top of the connector has to be un-screwed from the protective body in order to expose the soldering contacts and the cable wires have to be soldered as shown in figures 2.

ODU Power  Connector With Soldered Wires

ODU Power Connector assembly is shown in figure 3. Once assembled and attached to the ODU, the connector has to be weatherproofed (as suggested on Page 51 of the NEC Installation Manual for Base Station (IMN:BS)).

ODU Power Connector Assembly

The other end of the cable is attached to the Mean Well power supply as shown in Figure 4 (note that grounding should wire should not be used if the ODU power supply is in the equipment room as shown in Figure 3-9 on Page 49 of NEC Installation Manual for Base Station (IMN:BS))

Mean Well -48VDC Power Supply Wire Attachements

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