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Preparing the Experiment Disk Images

This experiment will use several disk images, which we have already prepared for you. On this page, we describe how the disk images were prepared.

We started by loading a baseline disk image onto a node in ORBIT's outdoor testbed.

Try it yourself another time: To load a baseline image onto a node, e.g. node1-2 on ORBIT's outdoor testbed, run
omf load -i baseline.ndz -t

Then, on the server node, we installed the Apache HTTP server, and configured it to serve the MPD (Media Presentation Description) file for a DASH-encoded version of the Big Buck Bunny animated video ( source), as well as the actual video segments. The MPD file describes the location and parameters for every version ("representation") of a video segment, and is used by the client to decide what file to request from the server for each segment of video.

On the client node, we installed the OML-enabled version of VLC with DASH support already ( source). (We did this three times, for each of the three policies we want to evaluate, creating a new image each time).

Then we saved these disk images for later use.

Try it yourself another time: To save a disk image from a node, e.g. node1-2 on ORBIT's outdoor testbed, run
omf save -n