Experiment Configuration

These experiments will be conducted in a cellular environment using the WiMAX Base Station and nodes on the outdoor testbed at WINLAB. The experiment scenario is as follows:

  • A node loaded with the video chunks, the MDP file and an Apache HTPP server running will serve the media content.
  • Another node will run an instrumented VLC client requesting the media, which will be downloaded over the WiMAX link.

This experiment uses an OML-enabled version of VLC, which is available here. (Several version of this software are available; we are using the most recent version, based on vlc-2.1.0, which has support for DASH). OML-enabled applications create measurement points (tables) in a database and then inject measurements into the table at regular intervals throughout the experiment.

Besides for the video application, we will use some additional applications to gather information about the wireless context of the experiment.

  • getbsconf retrieves and stores the configuration of the WiMAX base station in OML
  • wmxstat (with its OMF application wrapper) records some basic signal strength and quality information about a WiMAX connection on a WiMAX-connected client

We will also use the iRODS client software, which is installed on the node, to push the stored video to iRODs so that we can download and view it later.

Orange boxes are OML-enabled applications that report measurements to an OML server
Blue boxes are non-OML applications that run as part of the experiment
Purple nodes are OMF-enabled resources (e.g., have an OMF resource controller installed)


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