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Teltonika UM62x1

Teltonika UM62x1

How To's


Device will look like a cdrom


Can use:

wget --http-user admin --http-password admin -qO -[command]

See data collection below for how to find a list of commands.

Embedded Linux

Verified working with Openwrt on Routerstation Pro.

TODO: Complete kernel module list. Kernel has to be compiled with cdc_ether, scsi cdrom

If using Openwrt, compile busybox with eject command or dmesg to find out what the device shows up as:

opkg update
opkg install sdparm
sdparm --command=eject /dev/sg?  

Then use the above Linux tutorial.


Verified working in Windows 7 64-bit

Did not test without installing Teltonika software

Install software when prompted to.

Mac OS

Verified working under Lion



After the device is set up, the USB device will appear as a wired Ethernet device with the, dhcp release, IP address of 192.168.0.x.

  1. Favorite browser ==>
    1. The default username for the administrative interface that we will be using is:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
  2. Configure Wimax
    1. Click on WiMAX tab
    2. Click on Channels sub-tab
    3. Add your base station(s) information
  3. Verify connectivity

Note that your settings are stored on the device, so this will only have to be done once for each device.

Data collection

One tab I would like to point out is the CLI (command line interface) that you can run several commands to collect all kinds of information. A list of commands can be viewed with the help command.