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Teltonika UM62x1

After the device is set up, the USB device will appear as a wired Ethernet device with the IP address of 192.168.0.x. You can view/configure the settings and connection information from the flash based web frontend at The default username for the admin end that we will be using is:

Username:  admin
Password:  admin

From there, several tabs will show up and one in particular is the CLI (command line interface) that you can run several commands to collect all kinds of information. A list of commands can be viewed with the help command.

How To's


Device will look like a cdrom


Can use:

wget --http-user admin --http-password admin -qO -[command]

Embedded Linux

Verified working with Openwrt on Routerstation Pro.

TODO: Complete kernel module list. Kernel has to be compiled with cdc_ether, scsi cdrom

If using Openwrt, compile busybox with eject command or dmesg to find out what the device shows up as:

opkg update
opkg install sdparm
sdparm --command=eject /dev/sg?  

Then use the Linux


Verified working in Windows 7 64-bit

Did not test without installing Teltonika software

Install software when prompted to.

Mac OS

Verified working under Lion