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Project Title

C-VeT --UCLA Campus Vehicular Testbed: An Open Platform for Vehicular Networking

Technical Contacts

PI: Mario Gerla
Giovanni Pau Giovanni Pau

Participating Organizations

UCLA CS Dept, Los Angeles, CA

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Harry Mussman


This project will add WiMax capability to a Campus Vehicular Testbed (C-VeT) to support the deployment and testing of vehicular services and applications over both WiFi and WiMax. It will feature resource virtualization in order to enable shared access by multiple experimenters using the ORBIT Management Framework (OMF). To establish the WiMax capability, we will procure a “GENI WiMax base station kit”.

Current Capabilities


MilestoneDate(WIMXUCLA: S2.a Begin deployment of dual-mode vehicular nodes (WiFi and WiMax))?

Campus Installation Checklist


PI: Mario Gerla
Giovanni Pau

Step Description Planned Started Completed Comment
1 Identify Outdoor Site on Campus - Completed - Likely site is top of student housing building, on a hill.
2 Obtain FCC License - Completed -
3 Identify Indoor Equipment Room on Campus - Completed -
4 Install Wiring at Outdoor Site and to Indoor Equipment Room - Completed -
5 Install Pole at Outdoor Site and Ground - Started -
6 Install Antenna at Outdoor Site - Started -
7 Install Base Station Outdoor Unit - Started -
8 Complete Wiring at Outdoor Site and to Indoor Equipment Room - Started -
9 Install Indoor Equipment Racks and Ground - Started -
10 Install 120VAC and -48VDC Power Feeds and/or Supplies - Started -
11 Install Base Station Indoor Unit - - -
12 Complete Wiring of Base Station Indoor Unit - - -
13 Initial Check-Out of Antenna and Base Station Outdoor and Indoor Units - - -
14 Install Ethernet (VLAN) Switch, or Identify Existing Capacity - - -
15 Install Linux Server(s) and Software - Started-for WiFi -
16 Connect Backbone Network - - -
17 Provide Reference Client Platform - - -
18 Initial Check-Out of Campus WiMAX Testbed - - -

Project Technical Documents

Quarterly Status Reports

Spiral 2 Connectivity

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