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Columbia University WiMAX Campus Deployment and Installation


  • Henning Shculzrinne (PI)
  • SungHoon Seo (postdoc)
  • Jan Janak (visiting scholar)

Radio coverage area (expected)

2D map

Campus WiMAX radio coverage

Aerial View

Image(coverage_aerial.png, 400?

Conceptual diagram for deployment

Diagram for Columbia Univ. Campus WiMAX deployment

Site survey

When: 2010-06-24 and 2010-09-30
Where: Fairchild building rooftop (12 fl) and HAM radio station (14 fl)

Fairchild building rooftop (12 fl)

Antenna site on Fairchild Building Sight toward CEPSR from rooftop (12f) at Fairchild Building Rooftop, Fairchild Building

HAM radio station (14 fl)

Entrance door to HAM radio station HAM radio station
  1. Wall line hole (inside)
A wall on HAM Radio Station A wall line hole to the outside rooftop
  1. Ethernet connection to infrastructure
One Ethernet port remained
  1. Rack space for IDU, server, and power supplies
Rack for IDU Available rack slot for IDU
  1. Wall line hole (outside)
Outside wall line hole to the HAM radio station Outside wall line hole

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