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Columbia University WiMAX Campus Deployment and Installation

1. People

  • Henning Shculzrinne (PI)
  • SungHoon Seo (postdoctoral researcher)
  • Jan Janak (visiting scholar)

2. TODOs

  1. Contact Facilities to mount pole mount and ODU on Fairchild roof top
  2. Request permission form Dean's office
  3. Preliminary base station testing with Wi-Fi antenna (it should be set with reduced (lowest) TX power 0 dBm)
  4. Purchase additional necessary items

3. History

  1. Obtained FCC licence on Apr 14, 2010
  2. Site survey on Jun 24 and Sep 30, 2010
    • We chose Fairchild building rooftop (12 fl) for mounting WiMAX antenna + ODU and HAM radio station (14 fl) to install IDU+server(s).
  3. The first WiMAX package arrived on Jun 16, 2010
    • shipment from Rutgers University
      1. Outdoor unit x 1 EA
      2. GPS receiver antenna x 1 EA
      3. Fiber cable x 1 ROLL (?? feet)
      4. Sector antenna x 1 EA
      5. Mounting brackets for ODU and the antenna x 1 SET
      6. Power connector for the ODU x 1 EA
      7. Ligthning surge protector for the WiMAX antenna x 1 EA
  4. Buying required items (via Elias Tesfaye, officer in CS department)
  5. Visiting WINLAB, Rutgers University on Oct 8, 2010
    • Obtained the rest of the equipments:
      1. WiMAX indoor unit (IDU) x 1 EA
      2. ASN-GW Server x 1 EA
      3. IDU/ODU power supplies x 2 EA
      4. AWB US210 USB clients x 10 EA
      5. Intel Link 6250 mini PCI module x 2 EA
  6. Project request to the Facilities on Oct 9, 2010
  7. Space Unit measurement on Oct 13, 2010 @ Fairchild building

4. Campus WiMAX radio coverage map (expected)

a. 2D map view (by Google map) b. Aerial view (by Bing map)
Campus WiMAX radio coverage Campus WiMAX radio coverage-aerial view

5. Conceptual diagram for deployment

Diagram for Columbia Univ. Campus WiMAX deployment Diagram (ODU+antenna)

Fairchild building rooftop (12 fl)

Antenna site on Fairchild Building Sight toward CEPSR from rooftop (12f) at Fairchild Building Rooftop, Fairchild Building

HAM radio station (14 fl)

Entrance door to HAM radio station HAM radio station
  1. Wall line hole (inside)
A wall on HAM Radio Station A wall line hole to the outside rooftop
  1. Ethernet connection to infrastructure
One Ethernet port remained
  1. Rack space for IDU, server, and power supplies
Rack for IDU Available rack slot for IDU
  1. Wall line hole (outside)
Outside wall line hole to the HAM radio station Outside wall line hole

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