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Substrate Overlap

At the first working group meeting, we identified overlaps between substrate and OMIS, Services, Narrow Waist, and User Opt-in working groups. A summary of this discussion is in this attachement. attachment:SubstrateOverlap.pdf

Links to other working groups' wikis:

GENI Substrate Common Interests Table

The table on this page summarizes issues in the attached presentation. The FROM section lists types of information that the Substrate group would like to receive from other working groups. The TOsection lists types of information the Substrate group would like to provide to other working groups. Add your items to the table.

FROM SevicesOMISNarrow WaistUser Opt-In
workflow cases that extend to substrate level
list of instrumentation hooks to substrate that researchers need
resource requriements: description, granularity, prameters
TO SevicesOMISNarrow WaistUser Opt-In
|list of resources available to slices
|define level of programmability for different component's resources

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