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    6565Our next interim report will include results from the next four baselines, and more information about our plans for the final few weeks of the project.
    67 = Interim report : 2011-06-27 =
     67= Interim report : 2011-07-11 =
    69 (forthcoming)
     69Things continue to go reasonably well. The baselines continue to encounter challenges, and the challenges continue to prove informative, turning up bugs in software (many of which have been fixed, or have fixes in the process of being released), flaws in various approaches to experiment management (which we continue to refine), and issues with operational procedures (which are being improved for future testing). We'll share many more details about all of those in the final report.
     71 * Plastic Slices landing page:
     72 * Project plan:
     74We've continued to use five artificial experiments, each with somewhat different traffic characteristics, each on two slices (one slice using each of the core VLANs). We've now written up one set of variations that include large bursts of traffic (when each experiment sends about 1 GB of data, more or less as fast as it could), and another set that sends a steady stream of constant traffic. We reviewed again whether there were any non-artificial experiments ready to run in this context, and while early adopters continue to make solid progress, we again concluded that there weren't any that were quite ready yet, so we stayed with the artificial experiments for the last four baselines.
     76 * Descriptions of artificial experiments:
     77 * General baseline info:
     78 * Slice overview:
     79 * Baseline 5 detailed results and analysis:
     80 * Baseline 6 detailed results and analysis:
     81 * Baseline 7 detailed results and analysis:
     82 * Baseline 8 detailed results and analysis:
     84We plan to re-run some of the later baseline tests again after GEC 11, because we've made software, configuration, and procedure changes during the course of the Plastic Slices project that should improve the results for the mesoscale infrastructure. We also expect to define some new tests, based on operational feedback from the existing sites, and on preparations for replacing artificial experiments with real ones. Some ideas we already have in mind:
     86 * More Emergency Stop tests (like Baseline 7).
     87 * More high-volume slice / sliver creation tests (like Baseline 8).
     88 * Testing the effect of dynamic ARP on OpenFlow slivers.
     90Our final report will include more details about those, plus many more details about the various things we've described in passing in our interim reports. We'll also be doing a presentation on the project and the results at GEC 11 in Denver.
    7192= Final report =