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As part of the Plastic Slices project, the GPO will publish three interim status reports, and a final report for presentation at GEC 11.

Interim report : 2011-05-09

The project is off to a good start, especially given the aggressive schedule for ramping up from scattered pieces to a full integrated mesoscale GENI infrastructure. Five campuses are now online and ready to go, along with the two backbone providers, and the three other campuses are close. We've begun creating some slices, although we've been slowed by some obstacles surrounding the complexity of one person running ten slices with ten separate OpenFlow controllers, etc. Monitoring data is starting to flow into the GMOC, with more campuses coming online this week, and we're on track to complete the first baseline by next Monday.

Links of interest:

Some graphs of interest within SNAPP:

  • All network traffic for slivers on reporting MyPLC plnodes:
    • Click the Browse tab at the top.
    • For Browse By, select "Location".
    • For Location, select "All".
    • For Type of Data, select "auto-16-plnode_sliver_network-15sec".
    • Click "Aggregate Graph".
  • All types of recent activity on a particular slice:
    • Click the Search tab at the top.
    • Into the text box, type a slice name (e.g. "plastic-102").
    • Click "All Graphs Side by Side".
    • Scroll down a bunch.
  • DPIDs on the GPO Lab Expedient server (
    • Click the Browse tab at the top.
    • For Browse By, select "Location".
    • For Location, select "gpolab".
    • For gpolab, select "".
    • For Type of Data, select "auto-68-flowvisor_dpid_state-15 sec".
    • Click "All Graphs Side by Side".

Our next interim report will include results from the first four baselines.

Interim report : 2011-06-06

Things are going well so far. All eight campuses, and both backbone providers, are up and running, and the first four baselines were completed very close to as-intended. The obstacles along the way have proved informative as well; for example, we tried some different approaches to the problem of how to log the results of the experiments running in each slice. We'll share more details about that in the final report.

We've been using five artificial experiments, each with somewhat different traffic characteristics, each on two slices (one slice using each of the core VLANs). The first three baselines included large bursts of traffic (when each experiment sent about 1 GB of data more or less as fast as it could); the fourth included a steadier flow of constant traffic. We concluded that there weren't any non-artificial experiments ready to run in this context, so we're staying with the same artificial experiments for the next four baselines.

Comprehensive monitoring data -- about slices, slivers, servers, nodes, etc -- is flowing to the GMOC, and is visible online via the SNAPP UI ( We've used the GMOC's XMLRPC interface to download raw data and process it for easier slice-specific analyses of Plastic Slices experiments. We think that these type of web page displays may be useful to other GENI campuses and experimenters who want to create their own customized pages, and we'll be sharing the details in our final report.

Our next interim report will include results from the next four baselines, and more information about our plans for the final few weeks of the project.

Interim report : 2011-06-27


Final report