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Plastic Slices Monitoring Status

For the Plastic Slices project, participating aggregates are monitored using collection scripts which aggregate data in local RRD files, and submit it to a central database operated by the GENI Meta-Operations Center (GMOC).

Monitoring configuration requirements

The monitoring architecture and general recommendations are outlined at PlasticSlices/MonitoringRecommendations, along with details about what data is collected. Instructions for enabling monitoring on each of the three aggregate types are at:

  • MyPLC: Each site should enable monitoring on the MyPLC host itself
  • PlanetLab nodes: Each site should enable monitoring on each MyPLC-controlled PlanetLab node
  • Flowvisor: Each site should enable monitoring on the Expedient-managed FlowVisor. If other FlowVisors sit in the OpenFlow control path between the experimental VLANs on your switches and the Expedient-managed FlowVisor, it would be helpful to monitor these intermediate FlowVisors as well.

Monitoring status

The schedule calls for all campuses to be monitoring all resources by 2011-05-09; most campuses are now monitoring; a few are still coming online.

These pages have monitoring data and status data about monitoring: