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Optical Access Networks
a.k.a. UB_OANets

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Chunming Qiao
Student Developer: Lokesh Mandvekar

Participating Organizations

University at Buffalo (SUNY at Buffalo)


The project will study how to make an optical edge network, such as a campus-scale optical access network based on passive optical network (PON) technologies, a part of the GENI infrastructure. In particular, it will study issues such as how to establish a campus-wide PON facility, based on any available infrastructure, implement desired GENI functionalities (programmability) in such a facility, the time and cost involved and expected GENI users and applications. The output of these efforts will be a white paper describing the plans to realize this infrastructure, and the expected cost, and GENI functionality and usage.


UB_OANets: White paper on optical network

Project Technical Documents

Quarterly Status Reports Final Report

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There is no connectivity requirement for this project.

GPO Liason System Engineer

John Jacob

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