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Overview of Operational Monitoring

This is a working page for the operational monitoring project. It is a draft representing work in progress.


The monitoring architecture is based on the concept of distributing sources of information in a common fashion. The sources of information (relational data or time-series data) is placed into what are called "Local Datastores". These datastores have a common REST polling API for retrieving information. The component that automatically retrieves data from the Local Datastores are called "collectors".

Architectural Highlight of a Collector and a Local Datastore

A collector can poll a variety of datastores and any subset of data within each datastore. A monitoring application relies on a collector for its data queries, so collectors poll whatever data is necessary to have sufficient data to support the attached monitoring applications (i.e., alerting, reporting, historical analysis, visualization).

Monitoring Architecture

Although there are multiple collectors, a single monitoring application uses only a single collector; however this is not a strict requirement of the system.

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