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GENI OpenFlow Slicer Test Plan

Intro describing goals of testing (restate the goals from the requirements but as validation). Make sure to provide a link to the Slicer Requirements that the plan is based on. If specific types of traffic are verified for each test case (ex. UDP, TCP, ICMP..) then make sure it is stated as a validation goal.

Describe the expected outcome:

  • validation of all requirement to determine which are met (must, may, and wishlist).
  • validation of interactions with currently supported substrate (vendors, versions)
  • validation of interactions with currently available Service abstraction layer.
  • description of how status will be made available (periodic emails or wiki pages updates?) (where?)
  • final test report (wiki pages?) (where?)

Assumptions and Dependencies

Describe any assumptions, for example:

  • slicer software must interact with OF v1.0
  • slicer software should interact with OF v1.3
  • Slicer must interact with specific OF switches: x, y, z...
  • Slicer must interact with service abstraction layer: x, y, z....
  • Documentation must is available describing configuration and usage.

Describe dependencies, for example:

  • Cannot test unless xx is available?

Slicer Test Cases

Suggested grouping for functional test cases:

  • VLAN Handling and Port Allocation (cover OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-001, OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-014)
  • Data Plane Traffic handling and isolation (cover OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-002)
  • Control Traffic handling (OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-003)(OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-009)
  • GENI AM API Support (OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-005)
  • OpenFlow 1.0 Support (OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-004)(OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-006)
  • Slicer Configuration (OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-007)
  • Slicer Interoperability (OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-010, OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-011, OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-012, OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-013)

Note1: Error handling can be verified across each of the above (OF-OPR-SLCR-FN-008)

Suggested grouping for operational test cases:

  • Slicer Operations (run multiple slicers with multiple slices with all available substrates) (OF-OPR-SLCR-OP-001, OF-OPR-SLCR-OP-003, OF-OPR-SLCR-OP-004, OF-OPR-SLCR-OP-005, OF-OPR-SLCR-OP-006, OF-OPR-SLCR-OP-007, OF-OPR-SLCR-OP-008, OF-OPR-SLCR-OP-009)
  • Slicer Monitoring (OF-OPR-SLCR-OP-002)

Note 2: The Slicer Operations test case is complex, may be consider splipping up into smaller test cases?

Suggested 1 software development/support test case:

  • Make sure that there is a support mail-list, use list during testing, and make sure access to development/support is documented for users (OF-OPR-SLCR-SW-001, OF-OPR-SLCR-SW-002).
  • Verify existence of migration plan from OF 1.0 to OF 1.3. (OF-OPR-SLCR-SW-003)
  • Repository access validation (OF-OPR-SLCR-SW-004, OF-OPR-SLCR-SW-005, OF-OPR-SLCR-SW-006)
  • Software installation/installation and runtime (OF-OPR-SLCR-SW-007)

Note 3: Note sure how to track OF-OPR-SLCR-SW-008?

Define test cases that capture supplementary test cases for the Wishlist Functionality that may be delivered.

Test Methodology

Describe how testing is to be conducted, how issues are to be tracked, how status will be made available. Describe how test cases are named.


(if needed)