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GENI OpenFlow Slicer Test Plan

Intro describing:

  • goals of testing

Provide a link to the Slicer Requirements that the plan is based on.

Describe the expected outcome:

  • status pages
  • test reports

Assumptions and Dependencies

Describe any assumptions, for example:

  • slicer software must interact with OF v1.0
  • slicer software should interact with OF v1.3
  • Slicer must interact with specific OF switches: x, y, z...
  • Slicer must interact with service abstraction layer: x, y, z....
  • Documentation must is available describing configuration and usage.

Slicer Test Cases

Functional Test Cases

Operational Test Cases

Software Test Cases

Supplementary Test Cases

Define test cases that capture the Wishlist Functionality that may be delivered.

Test Methodology

Describe how testing is to be conducted, how issues are to be tracked, how status will be made available. Describe how test cases are named.


(if needed)