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ARRA Quarterly Reporting

PI Name Prasad Calyam Date 03/29/13 Project Number and Name #1764 OnTimeMeasure (Subcontract from Raytheon BBN NSF CNS-0940805)

Completion Percentage (Pertains to technical progress on the award) □ Not started □ Less than 50% Completed

□ Fully Completed X Completed 50% or more

Quarterly Activities In this quarter, we completed two case studies and obtained results that leverage the NSF-supported Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Future Internet infrastructure for experimentation and development of new services that could address advanced manufacturing needs. Both case studies pivot around the idea of removing the need for users to have physical access to manufacturing resources and thus enable remote access to novel cloud-hosted services that use Future Internet capabilities for cost/time savings and improved convenience.

The first case study investigates the viability of using GENI as a testbed for the development of a reliable network protocol utilizing multiple software-defined network paths controlled via OpenFlow technology. The second case study uses GENI resources to compare suitability of remote collaboration protocols that can facilitate distributed feasibility analysis of process alternatives in design of manufacturing parts. The GENI resources utilized include the ProtoGENI aggregate, TangoGENI testbed and the OnTimeMeasure instrumentation and measurement software.

PI and graduate student attended the 16th GENI Engineering Conference at Salt Lake City and presented latest results from GENI experiments. New OpenFlow based experiments are being conducted in the VDCloud project that build upon the ‘marker packet’ based setup of dynamic network flows in GENI and access network backbones. Experiments relate to the wide-area network virtual tenant network formation and resource allocation schemes implementation in virtual desktop cloud platforms.