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In this quarter, we extended our work on advanced manufacturing use cases in order to obtain results that leverage the NSF-supported Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Future Internet infrastructure. We designed experiments for development of new services for modeling and simulation i.e., simulation-as-a-service that could address advanced manufacturing needs using GENI slices. We showed how adoption of novel cloud-hosted services that use Future Internet capabilities can provide cost/time savings and improved convenience. In addition, we developed new documentation for our OpenFlow based experiments conducted in the VDCloud project that build upon the ‘marker packet’ based setup of dynamic network flows in GENI and access network backbones. Experiments relate to the wide-area network virtual tenant network formation and resource allocation schemes implementation in virtual desktop cloud platforms. The GENI resources utilized include the ProtoGENI aggregate, TangoGENI testbed and the OnTimeMeasure instrumentation and measurement software.